You Can Now Use Alaska Miles to Book Hotels

Alaska Airlines has partnered with Rocketmiles to let you use your Alaska Mileage Plan miles to book hotels. As you would expect this is not the best use of your Alaska miles, but having the opportunity to use miles for something else besides flying could be useful. If you have Alaska miles left over and don;t plan to fly with them, then booking a hotel is a viable option.

book hotels with alaska miles

Is it worth it? That depends on how much you value Alaska miles and more importantly if you can use them for anything else. I searched a few hotels and looks like you get a value of less than a cent per mile. On top of that, prices seem higher than booking directly with the hotel. You also have the option of booking with miles plus cash, but that’s not good value either.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I would recommend using you Alaska miles for hotels through Rocketmiles. You get terrible value for your miles. But it could make sense if you don’t plan to use those miles for award flights.

Do you think you would ever use your Alaska miles for hotels through Rocketmiles?


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