BBVA Will Only Post 5X Points When NBA Finals Promo Ends

Many people are excited for the NBA Finals because they get to see two of the best players in NBA history go against each other. Others are excited for that 5% on anything promo on the BBVA NBA card, which sadly I don’t have myself. BBVA has usually been difficult to deal with when these promos go on and recently they also announced that they will add a cap to 5X earnings.  The new restrictions go into effect on July 1, 2016, which means that you’ll be able to get 5% cash back during these NBA Finals, until June 19.

PSA  BBVA won t be adding any 5x points until after the promotional period is over  confirmed.   churning.jpeg

Well there’s one worrying report on reddit that confirms that the bonus points will only post after the promo is over. That means that for now everything will show as 1% back and they will be upgraded to 5% after June 19th.

While this might end up being nothing, it is worrisome that BBVA chose to delay awarding the 5%. Without making sure that your purchases are earning 5% back in points, it make sense not to go overboard and that’s probably what BBVA is aiming for. In the terms it states that “payments made for prepaid and reloadable cards such as certain gift cards, and similar cards, payments made for payment instruments that can readily be converted to cash” are NOT considered qualifying purchases. And if that’s strictly enforced, you might end up with a loss if you have thousand of dollars in gift card purchases.

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3 thoughts on “BBVA Will Only Post 5X Points When NBA Finals Promo Ends

  1. 5% has already posted for all my purchases until June 12, just waiting on purchases on the 15th now before I redeem as statement credit.

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