BBVA NBA Card Will Convert To Plain Amex Card Soon

The BBVA NBA Amex card used to be a an amazing card to have, and was till good even after restrictions were added. It has no fee, and you could get 5X everywhere during NBA All-Star Game and NBA Finals. Spending used to be unlimited but it was later capped. Yes, there were issues as well, with lots of fraud alerts, but I’m still jealous of those who have it. I was denied twice.

BBVA NBA Amex card

But there’s bad news for all now. After ending their NBA Checking Accounts, BBVA is also axing the NBA credit card. As Mia25 reports at myFICO, “effective July 1 2017, this card will be converted to a regular Amex with a BBVA Compass logo ( NBA is going away). The card number will remain the same, but the expiration date and the code will change. You will keep the same opening date.  The new cards will be arriving in the new two months.”

It was good while it lasted, for those who have have the card.


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