Get 5% Cashback Everywhere With Your BBVA Compass NBA Card Till 6/15/17

The BBVA Compass NBA credit card offers 5% cash back anywhere during the NBA All-Star Weekend and two weeks of the NBA Finals. It used to be have a $150-$200 sign up bonus, but now it’s not available any longer for new sign ups. I had trouble signing up (with identity confirmation), so I don’t have the card myself.

BBVA Compass NBA Card

For those who do have the card, the NBA Finals are upon us. I’m rooting for Curry and the Warriors but regardless of who’s your team, you can enjoy 5% cashback everywhere if you have the card. The promo period runs from 12:01 AM EST on June 1st till 11:59 PST on June 15th, regardless of when the finals are actually over.

These used to be very exciting times when there was no cap on cashback earned during promo periods. But back in 2016, BBVA Compass announced some major changes to the card. You will only earn 5% cash back on up to $5,000 per event. That means you can do $5,000 spending during the NBA All-Star Weekend and $5,000 spending during the two weeks of the NBA Finals for a total of $10,000 a year. That’s $500 in cash back per year.

This should be easy to max out for most people but there’s a few exclusions, such as superstores and wholesale clubs. Just keep in mind that online purchases might post later than purchase date, so make sure you do them early to get the 5% cashback. I don’t have much personal experience with the card.


  • Superstores and wholesale clubs are excluded from bonus categories.
  • Purchases made through a third-party payment account or on an online marketplace (with multiple retailers) will not earn additional points.
  • A purchase may not earn additional points if the merchant submits the purchase using a mobile or wireless card reader or if you use a mobile or digital wallet to make the purchase.
  • Read more about the card here.

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