American Express Now Offering Retention Bonuses Via Chat

American Express Now Offering Retention Bonuses Via Chat

American Express is known for offering retention bonuses for cardholders who have cards with annual fees. While they say that the annual fee can never be discounted, they will often give out spending bonuses or even bonuses with no spend attached to it, just for keeping the card another year.

These bonuses are sometimes very generous, and often make sense for cardholders who are on the fence if they should renew. But one downside is that you have to call in and ask if there are any bonuses attached to your account. But now PointsMilesandMartinis reports that these retention bonuses are being offered via online chat as well. This is surely an easier way to check for offers, and then you can still call in if you are not satisfied with the offer you receive or if you get no offer at all.

If you still prefer calling in, the Amex retention department number is 800.452.3945. You can call from 8AM till 11PM ET Monday to Friday.

Guru’s Wrap-up

The offer that PointsMilesandMartinis reported was a $100 statement credit for the Delta Reserve card. That is not a very enticing bonus for a card that has a $550 fee. But the fact that reps are now able to even offer these bonuses, are a positive development.

Let me know if you have received any retention bonuses via online chat for Amex cards. Or even other bonuses via calls just so other readers have an idea of what Amex if offering nowadays. As a reminder, Amex will even offer retention bonuses for no fee credit cards.

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