New Amex Offer for Blue Business Plus: Spend $500, Get $25 Back (Up to 10x)

Amex Offer for Business Cards

New Amex Offer for Business Cards: Spend $500, Get $25 Back (Up to 10x)

Update (Feb. 9, 2021) – More people have been targeted for this offer. I received the email even though I already have the offer added to my card. But there are also others who were able to add the offer today, after not been targeted originally. Check your emails or your Amex Blue Business Plus accounts to see if you have it.

Update (Jan. 9, 2021) –  Looks like you need to make 10 separate transactions to get the $25 credit 10 times. Making a $1,000 purchase for example, will not trigger two $25 credits for a total of $50. You will only get $25.

Original article (Jan. 7, 2021) – Check your American Express Blue Business Plus cards for a new offer that can save you up to $250. The offer should be available for all cardholders.


Get a $25 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $500+ in a single eligible transaction. Must spend by 6/30/2021. Limit of 10 statement credits (total of $250).

Offer Terms

  • Offer valid for eligible purchases made at any merchant that accepts American Express in the U.S. An “eligible purchase” means a purchase of at least $500 made with your enrolled Business Card by 6/30/2021.
  • Each time you make a single eligible transaction totaling at least $500, you will receive $25 back via statement credit.
  • Limit of 10 statement credits (total of $250) back per Card Member. Cash advances, other fees and charges such as interest, annual fees and foreign currency conversion fees are not eligible transactions and do not qualify for this offer.

Amex Offers

Amex Offers are an extra perk on all American Express credit cards, charge cards, and even prepaid cards. You can see these offers in your accounts either as a statement credit or extra Membership Rewards points for spending a certain amount at an eligible merchant. You will need to add the offer to a specific card, and then use that card to get the credit. You should add the offer to your preferred card. Amex Offers are now limited to just one per person. You can use the Membership Rewards version and the statement credit version of the same offer. Check out this quick way to add all offers at once, or use the MaxRewards app that even lets you save offers on multiple cards. For third party Amex cards you can use this new website, American Express Connect, to check for offers and also add them to your cards. See full list of Amex Offers here.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Great offer if you can make large transactions of $500 or more, or break large purchases into $500 payments. The offer is only for Blue Business Plus cards, and possible for Blue for Business and SimplyCash for those who still have them.

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  1. You say its on ALL Amex business cards, but its not on either of my Amex Marriott Biz Cards. Am I doing something wrong?

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