American Express Connect, Add Amex Offers to Third Party Amex Cards

Early this year Amex killed the option of adding Amex Offers to American Express cards using Twitter and Facebook. While losing those options made it it more time consuming to add offers to cards, it was still not a big issue for those with American Express issued cards. But it left no option for Amex cards issued by Wells Fargo, BBVA, FNBO, U.S. Bank etc., meaning you could no longer use those cards for Amex Offers.

Now American Express has created a new website, American Express Connect, just for those third party Amex cards.

add amex offers to third party cards

You can log in and add offers to your third party Amex cards. You can’t add offers to your Amex issued credit cards. You still have to do that through the Amex online accounts. Sadly not all available Amex Offers are showing for now, but hopefully all new offers will show in this new website.


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