American Express Buy Now Pay Later, Limited-Time Offer with $0 Plan It Fee

amex $0 plan it fee

American Express Buy Now Pay Later, Limited-Time Offer with $0 Plan It Fee

American Express is introducing a new limited-time offer where eligible Card Members can use Plan It® on their Personal Amex Card to make large purchases now and pay later with a $0 Plan It Fee.

Plan It by American Express is a feature on Card Members’ accounts that allows them to pay for large purchases in monthly installments with a fixed fee. And starting November 1, 2021, a majority of Green, Gold and Platinum and some Credit Card and Cobrand Personal Card Members can take advantage of $0 Plan It Fees for purchases of $100 or more.

The Plan It fee offer will run through December 31, 2021, so eligible Card Members can shop for their holiday gifts and other purchases now and pay later, all with a $0 Plan It fee. Plans created after December 31, 2021 will have a fixed monthly fee as disclosed in the Card Member Agreement.

Eligible Card Members can access this offer through their online account or the Amex® App. To be eligible for this offer, Card Members must have had their account for more than four months and have Plan It on their account. Some Card Members may not be eligible for this offer based on their creditworthiness, account history or other factors. 

With Plan It, Personal Amex Cards already have a BNPL solution that is easy to use with clear terms. Normally it comes with an added monthly fee, that you can calculate here. The total plan fee will not exceed the interest that would accrue on a purchase over the same time period at a Pay Over Time APR.

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