American Express Will No Longer Work with PayPal Key 

American Express PayPal Key 

American Express Will No Longer Work with PayPal Key

PayPal has sent out emails to customers to let them know that American Express will no longer be accepted as a payment method starting on January 4. This comes after a wave of shutdowns from American Express that were caused by PayPal Key purchases. The subject line in the email is “Change your PayPal Key payment method.” Here’s the full text of this email:

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Choose a different payment method for your PayPal Key.


Thank you for being a PayPal Key customer. We’ve been piloting this feature with select customers in the U.S. After January 4, 2021, American Express cards can no longer be used with PayPal Key. The good news is you can change your PayPal Key payment method to your bank account, debit card, or a different credit card.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. During this piloting phase, we’re continuing to enhance and develop the PayPal Key experience and appreciate your understanding.

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