You Can Still Apply For Citi Cards Using Old Terms

After ruining everyone’s morning, DoC bring a temporary smile to everyone’s face with the news that you can still apply for Citi cards using the old terms. In case you have missed it all, check out this post, regarding the new limits Citi is putting on churners. In a few words, from now on, you are only eligible for a bonus in each brand of cards every 24 months.


Well now there’s clarification about when these new rules will go into effect. DoC reports that the date is August 28th. That means that any application before that date will be under the old rules. The information comes from Citi’s  media department, so it is not a backdoor trick that can be exploited, but rather a policy that should be in place for all.

Luckily, that date is more that 8 days away. That means that you’ll be able to squeeze in two more applications before the rules change. So do your planing first before you apply.

The application pages already have the new language for the 24 month rule applying to each brand. So this information, even though it comes from DoC who has always had solid info, and it should be legit since it’s coming from the Citi media department, it’s still not a 100% guarantee. Understand that there is some risk so you can either apply or give it a few more days until there more clear info and maybe some data points.

4 thoughts on “You Can Still Apply For Citi Cards Using Old Terms”

  1. It has been proven that shitty bank will live up to their name as they did with the AA plat 50K miles offer. the codes were on their landing page for everyone to apply but starting in May this year, they changed their tune to those who were targeted will be the only ones who will get the bonus. They refused to acknowledge SM communications where they said customers will get the bonus, they just have to wait a few months for it to post after fulfilling the requirements. Many had to go to CFPB just to get their miles since shitty won’t budge.

    With this said, I don’t trust Citi with anything now. They can, and will change their terms, at will because they can, regardless of reps confirming that one qualifies to get the bonus. I’m wary that they have the upperhand now because the new terms have been posted online so it’s just a matter of getting enforced, which I think they will start doing now.

  2. i really want to go for two more cards before the 28th but that language in the application page scares me. I know the info here is always accurate and also at docs but if something goes wrong and the promo is not applied automatically, we can’t really call in and say that a friend of a friend told me so and so.

    I think i’ll wait a few days as you suggest and hopefully some brave souls will try it out first.

  3. How do you know this for a fact? I applied yesterday and it specifically said i would get the 40k thankyou points if I already had a preferred bonua in the last 24 months. Are you aaying they are going to give me the bonus? Proof would be nice as I am not planning to activate this card in fear of paying the 450 fee.

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