You Can No Longer Apply for the Citi Prestige Card, Product Change Option Going Away Too

Citi Prestige Card Discontinued

Citi Prestige Card Discontinued?

The Citi Prestige Card disappeared yesterday from the website. It wasn’t clear if it was just a temporary glitch, or if the card is getting a refresh. But now we know that it is not just a glitch. Reps are telling customers that you can no longer apply for the Citi Prestige card, and soon you won’t be able to preduct change to it either.

From time to time, Citi re-evaluates its card product offerings to ensure the business is evolving its products to best meet the needs of its customers. The Citi Prestige Card is one such card product.

As of July 1, 2021, customers will no longer be able to apply for the Citi Prestige card. Additionally, as of June 19, 2021, cardmembers will not be able to convert to the Citi Prestige card. All applications that have been submitted prior to these dates will continue to be processed.

Existing cardmembers will still be able to use their Citi Prestige Card without interruption and benefits will remain the same for primary and authorized users. Existing cardmembers can still add authorized users to their accounts.

From that information is sounds like the Citi Prestige Card is being discontinued.


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