You can Now Pool Hilton Points With Friends And Family

Hilton has added the ability to pool points together from different Hilton Honors accounts. Previously you had to pay to transfer points from one account to another, and it was pretty expensive and pretty much useless, considering the value Hilton Honors points.

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Now Hilton has added a great pooling feature and it is completely free. To pool your points with other people, you can go here. You can start a pool and invite up to 10 Hilton Honors members, meaning that up to 11 people can pool their Hilton points together towards a redemption.

Here’s some important details about Hilton’s Points Pooling:

  • There is no fee to participate in Points Pooling.
  • Once Points are pooled, they can be used for any room or non-room reward product, including the experiences available on the Hilton Honors auction platform, Amazon Shop with Points and any other non-room reward products.
  • Once Points are pooled they can be used for any room reward product, including a Points & Money Rewards™ reward reservation.
  • A Member can transfer a minimum of 1,000 Points and a maximum of 500,000 Points into a pool in a calendar year.
  • A Member can receive up to 2 million Points in a calendar year.
  • To use Points Pooling, you must be an active Member, be in the program for 30 days, and have a minimum Points balance of 1,000 Points.
  • Allow up to 24 hours for pooled Points to show up when you log in to your account.
  • See FAQs here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Hilton points are some of the least valuable out there, but this new option adds some value to the program. There’s plenty of opportunities to earn big Hilton points bonuses through Amex and Citi cards. With the ability to pool points together, it is now easier to book rewards nights. You can pool points for a trip together or just “gift” points to someone else with this option.

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