Wyndham Changes Terms of Promotion… Once Again

Wyndham usually has some great promotion that get you extra rewards for stays. But they also keep changing the terms of those promotions with notice. This is the case once more, with a promotion that was supposed to be in effect for stays through 2/28/2018. You can read my post on that promotion here, but i’ll give you a quick recap here as well. You needed to book by 1/31/18 using Visa Checkout and complete your qualified stays by 2/28/18 to earn bonus points for up to 3 stays. It’s as simple as…

1st stay = 3,000 bonus points
2nd stay = 5,000 bonus points
3rd stay = 7,000 bonus points

Wyndham Changes Terms of Promotion

Apparently it’s just as simple as that. The Gate reports that the promotion actually ended on 1/18/2018. Meaning that any stays after that date did not earn the bonus points mentioned above. I’m sure lots of people booked just because of this promotion, so finding out they weren’t rewarded must not have been pleasant. What’s worse is the fact that members weren’t given any notice at all of these changes. It all came out when people weren’t seeing the additional rewards.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Definitely a sneaky move from Wyndham, and not the first time they do it either. There’s been multiple occasions previously where they’re changed terms midway or even canceled promotions altogether. There’s yet another similar promotion going on right now. You can earn an additional 15,000 points with two qualified stays anywhere. I would suggest not booking to close to expiration date, or confirming before you book at least, so you have something to fall back on. Book at your own risk.

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