Wine Insiders, Get Any Bottle for $4 with Today’s Sale and Amex Offer

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Wine Insiders, Get Any Bottle for $4 with Today’s Sale and Amex Offer

American Express often has Amex Offer for all kinds of wine clubs. You can just check out my full list of Amex Offers here and search for wine. One of those offers is for Wine Insiders. I have ordered from Wine Insiders in the past, and they seem to have a lightly better collection that similar sites. But as you would expect, most bottles are overpriced, so purchasing at full price doesn’t make sense. However, today there’s a great sale and it is also the last day to use the Wine Insiders Amex Offer.

You can get any wine on the site for just $8.99/bottle when you use code FIREWORKS2 at checkout to apply discount. If you order six bottles, you also get free shipping. So for six bottles you would end up paying $53.94. But if you use a card that has the Wine Insiders Amex Offer, you will also save another $30. So that’s six bottles of wine for just $23.94 plus tax.

Paying $4 per bottle is a good deal, but what makes this even better is the fact that you can choose some of the more expensive wines on the site. You can go here and filter by price if you’re not sure what wines to get. You can choose the most expensive wines by checking the $20-$30 box in the Price filter at the bottom on the left hand side.

If you don’t have a Wine Insiders account, you can sign up here and get a $25 bonus through my friend’s referral who alerted me to this deal. I don’t think you can stack the signup bonus with a promo code though.

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