[Expired] How To Maximize The Martha Stewart Wines Amex Offer

Update: 9/28/2017 – Because of high demand during these last days of the Amex Offer, looks like Martha Stewart Wines is running out of some wines. If you order any wines that aren’t currently in stock, your delivery will be delayed, but they will send you a great voucher with a unique code for $50 off of your next order of $75+.

That will make your next order much cheaper, plus it gets you free shipping. Here’s my order using that coupon:

That’s about $15 for six bottles of wine after the Amex Offer. Some of these  coupons have also been sent out with the wines, so make sure you check those envelopes and flyers included in your boxes. The last order that was delayed due to out of stock wines for me, included these three items:

  • 2014 Abbazia Barbera d’ Asti D.O.C.G
  • 2015 Fleur de Roche Malbec
  • 2016 Fuerza de la Tierra Joven Tempranillo

Update: 7/26/2017 – Use code CHEESY25 for 25% off Martha Stewart Wines. Stacks with Amex Offer, but you still have to pay for shipping. A decent deal nonetheless.

Update 7/13/2017 – MARTHA25 promo code is no longer working. I do have a few $20 off $20 coupon codes available though, thanks to all the readers who took advantage of this offer yesterday through my referral link.

If you want a code, please retweet this tweet or share this Facebook post and ask for one in the comments.

These doesn’t give you free shipping so it’s not nearly as good as the code that expired. You can buy $60 worth of wines for $20 with Amex Offer. You would be better off using this 6 bottle offer with free shipping.

Update 7/12/2017 – If you use promo code MARTHA25 you will get $25 off a $50 purchase plus free shipping. This is an amazing discount when stacked with Amex Offer below, especially now that there’s no more portals paying out on Martha Stewart Wines purchases.

This my referral link but as long as you use the promo code it should work, regardless of whether you go through a referral or not. You can get your own referrals after you order, and you’ll receive a code for $20 off your next purchase of more than $20.

Here’s an example:

Martha Stewart Wine Co. Premium wine hand selected by Martha Stewart and delivered to your door.png

I’m not a fan of Zinfandel but just for testing purposes, that’s 6 bottles for $14.37 after the $40 credit through the Amex Offer. That’s about $2.40 per bottle, shipped to your door.

The code can only be used once per account.

HT: Alex and Rochelle in comments (please their referrals)

Update 6/27/17 10:02PM – Sadly TopCashBack is no longer paying out on Martha Stewart Wine Co. purchases, as Mark points out in comments. This still remains a good deal, but 12% cashback sure was better.

I posted yesterday about a new Amex Offer for Martha Stewart Wines. With that offer you get a one-time $40 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one or more transactions online at marthastewartwine.com by 9/30/2017. That’s a 80% discount and although the offer is targeted, I had in almost every card, and so did everyone else I believe.

Martha Stewart Wine amex offer

How To Maximize

There’s three routes that you could go. Either buy single bottles that you pick yourself, or go for one of the 6-bottle packages that cost $59.99.

Skip yesterday commented with a tip about a 6 pack offer with free shipping. You can buy a 6 bottle package for $59.99 plus whatever the tax is in your state. In New York for example it would come out to $65.24. You get $40 back from the Amex Offer, for a final price of $25.44.

Then there’s a 6 pack offer with $9.99 shipping on the website which will also earn cash back. TopCashBack is offering 12% on Martha Stewart Wines. It will cost you $75.23 in New York with tax. You will get $40 back from the Amex Offer, plus $9 in cash back from TCB for a final price of $26.23 for 6 bottles. If you do 12 bottles, it will be double the price but shipping is free.

The other option is to pick a couple of bottles that you might like, instead of going for Martha Stewart’s picks, which are probably the cheaper bottles I suspect. To maximize your savings, try to bring your total with tax to just above $40. The $9.99 shipping will put you over $50, which is required to trigger the Amex Offer. After statement credit and portal cashback, you could end up paying about $5 or $6 total for two bottles.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

These are private label wines and might not be the finest wines out there. Wine connoisseurs will probably skip this but I believe most people can find a few wines they might enjoy. If you don’t care at all what wines you get, you can just go with the 6 bottle package and pick whether you want all red, all white or 3 of each. I went with single bottles that I picked myself, since I have the offer an almost every card, and I can probably use Amex Offers to even try all the wines they have.

At $2-3 per bottle, you can’t really go wrong. At worse, use them as cooking wine, or give them out as gifts.


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  3. $25 off your Martha stewart wine purchase (of $50 or more) PLUS free shipping if you use my referral link.


    Use my referral link above and I’ll earn $20 credit as well – thanks!

  4. The 2 or 3 bottle trick worked with cashback, however; much lower price per bottle, especially with cashback. As of 6pm MST, topcashback has bailed on future cashback with MS wine….

  5. your 6-pack with free shipping was landed from the specific page. How could you use topcashback with 6-pack free shipping? Thanks

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