Whole Foods Has Been Overcharging Customers

Did you use that Amex Offer for $10 off a $75 purchase at Whole Foods a while back? If so, then the discount might have made up for the overcharge. If you purchased a container of coconut shrimp, then even the discount wouldn’t have made up the $14.84 overcharge.

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The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs is investigating Whole Foods for allegedly deceiving customers with incorrect weight-based pricing, the company disclosed Tuesday.

Inspectors weighed 80 different types of items at Whole Foods’ eight locations around the city that were open at the time. They found every label was inaccurate, with many overcharging consumers. The overcharges ranged from 80 cents for a package of pecan panko to $14.84 for a container of coconut shrimp, Lootens said.

The Columbus Circle location has the dubious distinction of being hit with the most pricing violations in the entire city — 240 during 28 inspections dating back to 2010 — The News found. The violations range from failing to display prices to overcharging at the scanner and adding tax to items that are not taxable under state law.

Whole Foods denied the allegations and said it would “refund any items found to have been incorrectly weighed or priced.”

Whole Foods was the biggest offender, but not the only one. The sweep included 120 grocery stores citywide, and 77% were hit with one or more violations.

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