Sam’s Club Sales Tax Lawsuit Claims They Overcharge on Sale Items

A new lawsuit filed in Maryland claims that Sam’s Club may be making misleading representations about their sales tax. It says that Sam’s Club intentionally or negligently misrepresent the sale prices of their products due to the “excess” sales tax the company charges to customers. That’s due to wrong calculations that increase the price of the item.

Van Buren, the plaintiff in this case, claims that sales tax should be calculated based on the purchase price of the item. If an item is on sale or discounted in any way, he argues that this reduced price should be the amount used to calculate sales tax. Instead, he claims that the wholesale retailer charges sales tax based on the item’s regular price.

Van Buren says that he experienced this sales tax overcharge in July 2018. He purchased a Sonicare product on sale for $31.98, an $8 discount from the item’s regular $39.98 price. The sales tax percentage in Maryland is 6%. He argues that, based on a price of $31.98, his sales tax should have been $2.29. Instead of this amount, he was allegedly charged $2.77.

The Sam’s Club class action claims Van Buren experienced this issue during other visits as well, including trips to Sam’s Club in August, September, and October.

It’s not clear if this issue has been experienced in other states as well. If you have any Sam’s Clubs receipts, it could be worth a look. This is happening on sale items only.

The Sam’s Club Sales Tax Class Action Lawsuit is Van Buren v. Walmart Inc. t/a Sam’s Club, Case No. 1:19-cv-00911, in the U.S. District Court of Maryland.

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