Visible to Offer 5G at No Extra Cost for $40 and $25 Monthly Plans

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Visible to Offer 5G at No Extra Cost

Visible, which uses Verizon’s network, has announced plans to launch 5G for compatible iPhones in the coming months, with compatible Android devices to follow shortly after. At launch, 5G will be available for Visible members where Verizon 5G coverage is available.

5G service will provide Visible customers speeds up to 200 Mbps, at no additional cost. With Visible there are no hidden fees, no forcing you to upgrade into a different, secretly-more-expensive plan. And with unlimited data already included, this means Visible customers with a 5G compatible smartphone will experience the power of ultra-fast speeds when connected to 5G without having to worry about hitting restrictive data limits.

Get unlimited data, minutes, messages, and hotspot usage+ for $40, or create a Party of up to 4 (family, friends, strangers) and pay as little as $25 a month without a single extra fee. Check out more details and sign up for Visible 5G here.

$100 Mastercard Gift Card

But it could make sense to keep it for two months. Visible also has a $100 Gift Card bonus for keeping the new account for two months. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring your number and either, order an eligible device from the list below or bring your phone.
  • After receiving your SIM with next-day shipping, insert it into your phone.
  • Download and sign in to the app. Follow the instructions to activate service.
  • After two service payments you’ll get an email to redeem your gift card.

Virtual gift card will be delivered within 8 weeks of meeting the promotion’s requirements. Doesn’t seem like you need to still have the account active to receive it.

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