$10 Via SmartPass, Get 20% Discounts All Month Long

Via, a ride-sharing app that’s available in in NYC, Chicago and Washington, now has introduced a SmartPass that can save you money on rides all month long. You can buy the 4-Week SmartPass for just $10. With it, you’ll unlock a 20% discount on ALL rides ANYWHERE in July. You pay a little upfront and then save all month. If you spend more than $50 a month for Via rides, then the SmartPass is worth it. The SmartPass is available for a limited time only.

via smartpass

As mentioned above, Via is currently available only in NYC, Chicago and Washington. Rides start at just $5, $3.95 and $2.95 respectively in each city. From my experience, they usually have cheaper prices than Uber or Lyft, at least in NYC. And they often have promotions for even cheaper rides. You can find more info here.

You can download the app and use my referral code danny7r4dadada to get a $10 signup bonus.

Have you used Via in the past? How does it compare to other ride sharing apps?


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