Use eBay GCs To Purchase Third Party Gift Cards Till 10/13

Update: This was supposed to start working on 9/13 but, eBay. It is working today and there’s a bunch of other deals to go along with it and make you some money while you unload your eBay gift cards. There’s 10% back in eBay Bucks, a $15 off $75 offerspend $80 get free $20 in Auto Category and lots of discounted gift cards.

You’ve probably heard by not that back in August eBay changed the terms for eBay gift card so that you couldn’t use them to purchase third party gift cards. This was a sudden change, which left people with tone of eBay gift cards which were purchased for that exact reason. Understandably many people were upset, rightfully so, and complained.

ebay gift cards

Looks like eBay now has taken a step back and will reverse that decision, but only temporarily. Starting from September 13th, you will be again able to use eBay gift cards to purchase third party gift cards. However, the rule will be reverted back back again on October 13th, so you only have one month to get rid of whatever stock of eBay gift cards that you have accumulated.

Hopefully there will be some discounted gift cards during that period and maybe some eBay bucks offers, to make your purchases profitable.Either way this is still better that being stuck with thousands in gift cards. So mark your calendars and shop away.

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