United Now Lets You Take a Virtual Tour or Your Seat Before Booking

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United Now Lets You Take a Virtual Tour or Your Seat Before Booking

United Airlines is rolling out a new feature that allows passengers to take a tour of the seats before booking. While for some, the type of aircraft and seat number is enough to know everything they need, some others, myself included, are not as knowledgeable. But this new option will let you see your seat and also other features of select planes.

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The new virtual seat map is available on the airline’s website starting today. For now it is only available for the new 50-seat CRJ 550, and will be expanded to other types of planes in the future.

The introduction of different types of seats, including different sections even within the economy cabin has created some confusion. Some seats come with with extra legroom and other perks including free drinks, some might have limitations or other features, such as in-seat power outlets, that may affect your selection.

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Prices for different seats won’t be shown on the virtual seat map as they are on the regular online seat maps but that is planned in the future, United said.

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