Middle Seat is Always a Loser, But Would You Pick Window or Aisle?

Window or Aisle seat
Best Airplane Seat, Window or Aisle?

When it comes to seats on an airplane, everyone agrees that the middle seat sucks. But when comparing window and aisle seats you will get different opinions. Some people prefer one, and some the other. Each one has its pros and cons, and depending on what type of person you are and what you usually do when you’re on-board, it will affect your preferred choice. There’s also some other things to consider when picking a seat, and there’s also a few tricks. But before we look at what makes each seat valuable, let’s just put it out there that statistically, the aisle seat is more popular, at least among frequent air travelers. Personally i’m for the window seat.

Aisle Seat

Here are the perks of picking an aisle seat on your next flight:

  • You don’t need to wake up strangers to go to the restroom
  • Again, no need to poke people or say excuse me to get up and stretch your legs
  • First to get out and grab your bags upon landing

Window Seat

And here are the perks of picking an window seat on your next flight:

  • Sleep. It’s definitely much easier to fall asleep
  • Great views of sunsets, clouds, airports, aircraft and any other stock pictures you might need, especially if you have a blog
  • No need to get up when your seat mates need to use the restroom

Window or Aisle Seat?

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