Tornado App, Earn Up to $50 with Learn and Earn Program

Tornado Learn and Earn

Tornado App, Earn Up to $50 with Learn and Earn Program

Trading app Tornado (formerly Nvstr) has established the Learn and Earn program to promote financial wellness among its users by offering cash incentives to participate in interactive educational lessons about investing and personal finance offered on its mobile application and website. You can quickly go through these tips in a few seconds to earn rewards.

Participants can earn awards for completing educational modules covering various topics relevant to financial wellness, investing, stock markets, and economics. When a participant completes a module, participant will receive points, known as XP, which trigger cash rewards at certain levels. Cash rewards will be deposited into the users’ Tornado brokerage account. Up to $50 in awards may be earned in this way. Maximum reward amount is subject to change, and non-cash rewards may be offered in the future.

I have received about $25 so far I believe. You will see the offer in your account from time to time, earning about $5 or $10 with each lesson.

Awards will be deposited directly into the Tornado account, typically within 2 business days of being earned. Bonus funds may be invested immediately after received. But if you want to withdraw the bonus, you can only do this after 1 year, provided that your Tornado live brokerage account in good standing.

Signup Bonus

There’s also a signup bonus if you don’t have an account. Sign up for Tornado and start investing now. You will earn cash when you make your first trade. You will get at least a $10 signup bonus, but you also have the chance to get:

  • $20 (1 in 20 chance)
  • $500 (1 in 2,500 chance)
  • $1,000 (1 in 5,000 chance)

You can join the Tornado community here or by downloading the Tornado app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use code 1333181AA7. Also read more about the app here.

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