7 thoughts on “TD Bank Bonus, Get $500 with New Checking and Savings Accounts

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  2. This looks compelling, better than previous TD offers. But few devils seem lurking in the details.

    1. You write that, “Simple Checking should qualify for the checking offer.” Took me a while to discern how you knew that….. but still not sure how to apply for the simple checking to get the deal. (as the form seems to default to the How do you know that? Where’s that in the link you provided above?

    2. The $15 fee can be easily waived with a $100 balance.” (And that’s confirmed on the offer page) But when I follow the links to the Simple Checking overview, it indicates under “what you pay”

    Monthly Maintenance Fee
    Daily Balance to Waive Fee

    i.e., you apparently can’t get the (lower) monthly fee waived…. Confusing/sloppy of TD bank

    What am I missing?

    • wish we could edit our comments …. (I garbled point 1…. meant to stop with application form seems to default to TD Beyond Checking… and I freeze right there. Can you even open the “simple checking” and get the deal on line? Do they have any editors at TD Bank? Or maybe they can’t edit their posts either… 🙁 )

    • I think it was showing the fee and the waiving option when I wrote the post, but yes, I see same thing now. One thing on the offer page and $5.99 after you click.

      And you’re right, It does default to Beyond Checking. Terms say “$300 bonus offer available to eligible new personal checking customers who open any personal TD Bank Checking account”. But then again when you click the Convenience Checking link ($0 fee waived with a minimum daily balance of $100) it shows a $150 bonus ($150 when you receive direct deposits totaling $500 or more within 60 days).

  3. According to the notes under the rules for the bonus the direct deposit cannot be an ACH transfer. Also you fail to mention that the accounts need to remain open for at least 6 months or the bonus may be deducted from the funds withdrawn.

    • Thanks for pointing out the 6 months requirement, I missed that. I’ll update it.

      As for the DD requirement, that’s usually the case with most bank bonuses, but ACH transfers still work. It’s always best to do actual direct deposits though for those who can.

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