Discover Deals, 10% Cash Back At Sears (Doubled to 20%)

Discover Deals is one of the best cash back portals out there, but now they have brought back the 10% cash back at Sears and Kmart. The rate increase will be in effect until 8/31. To access the Discover Deals rates you need to have a Discover card.

Discover Deals

You can apply for the Discover It card ($50 bonus after first purchase, doubled) to access Discover Deals and also enter the Double Cash Back promotion, that doubles all your awards.

The card also comes with rotating 5% quarterly categories. This makes the rate increase for Sears especially, very valuable. Just by going through the Discover Deals and paying with you enrolled Discover card, you get 15% and then it’s doubled to 30% at the end of the promotion year. If you buy Sears gift cards, they can be sold for 84% at Saveya. Read more about how to take advantage of Discover’s 3rd quarter bonus categories. There’s potential for up to 50% cash back.

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13 thoughts on “Discover Deals, 10% Cash Back At Sears (Doubled to 20%)”

  1. received this email today from Discover 🙂 LOVE IT!!!!!!

    You earn it. We double it.

    You’re earning Cashback Bonus with every Discover purchase. And at the end of your first year in our double rewards program, we’ll double all the rewards you’ve earned – automatically. Just to say thanks.
    You’ll get Double Cash Back in August 2016. We can’t wait!

    1. What is Double Cash Back?
    When you are enrolled in our exclusive Double Cash Back program, we’ll automatically double all the cash back rewards you’ve earned after one year in the program. If you’ve earned $25, you’ll get another $25. If you’ve earned $100, you’ll get another $100. Even if you redeem some of your rewards, we’ll still double ALL the rewards you’ve earned at the end of your program year.
    2. How much will you Double?
    We’ll double ALL the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year. If you’ve earned $25 your first year, you’ll get another $25. Or if you’ve earned $100, you’ll get another $100. Since we double all your rewards, how much you earn is up to you.
    3. When do I get my Double?
    We will double all the cash back rewards you’ve earned after your first 12 consecutive billing periods in our exclusive Double Cash Back program. Then you’ll see your double cash back in your account following your 13th billing period.

  2. danny, what time zone are you located in? The time stamp shows 4:54 PM which is 4 hours ahead of EST.

  3. I have a feeling that Save Ya’s rate is going to drop in the near future after this announcement. Either that or Sears will stop awarding cash back on gift cards.

    1. The rate yes, will drop. But the Sears cash back has been around for a while. It was at 10% just recently.

      This is an amazing opportunity if you’re actually buying something from Sears.

      1. You’re right that it was at 10% in the past. That was before I had the double cash back promotion though. I figured they would keep it at 5% until the double cash back promotion ended. I actually buy from Kmart much more than Sears. Is that 10% now too?

        1. The previous 10% did overlap with the Double Cash Back for about two weeks I believe. It is surprising that they brought it back so quickly.

          Yes Kmart is 10% now as well, till 8/31.

          1. It was for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately even though I signed up before that my billing cycle didn’t start until a few days after it went back to 5%.

    1. Yes you can get the card and there’s a $50 bonus that will be doubled. The link in the post is a referral link, so I would earn the same thing if you apply through my link. And yes, all new cardmembers get the Double Cash Back promotion.

  4. Everything is doubled if you’re enrolled in the Double Cash Back promotion. So just the Discover Deals cash back is 20% (2×10%). Once you add the 5% category bonus (which is doubled also), it becomes 30%.

    But the doubled portion of the cash back with be credited in a year when the promotion is over.

  5. How are you calculating the 20% cash back? I get the 15% (10via portal plus 5 category bonus). But the other 5% where is that coming from?

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