Contact Numbers for Credit Card Reconsideration And Status Check Links

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Recon Numbers for Credit Card Applications

When applying for a new credit card, sometimes we see that “pending further review” page instead of the desires “Approved”. But we all know that’s not the end of an application. You should always follow up will a call but that number is not easy to find on most bank’s websites. So here’s a list to make it easier to contact your bank. Please let me know if you see any info that’s outdated. I’ll try to keep it as current as possible.

American Express Credit Card Recon Line

  • 800-567-1083, 800-528-4800, 866-314-0237 (personal)
  • 800-492-3344 (business)
  • 800-567-1085 (application status)
  • 800-223-2670 (apply by phone)
  • Amex Application Status Check

Bank of America Credit Card Recon Line

Barclaycard Credit Card Recon Line

Capital One Bank Credit Card Recon Line

  • 800-625-7866
  • 800-903-9177 (application status)
  • 800-695-5500 (apply by phone)

Chase Bank Credit Card Recon Line

  • 888-270-2127 (personal)
  • 800-453-9719 (business)
  • 888-338-2586 (application status)

Citibank Credit Card Recon Line

Discover Credit Card Recon Line

First National Credit Card Recon Line

  • 888-530-3626

HSBC Credit Card Recon line

  • 888-385-8916

PNC Credit Card Recon Line

  • 800-762-5684

US Bank Credit Card Recon Line

  • 800-947-1444

Wells Fargo Credit Card Recon Line

Before Calling

Before calling the recon number for a credit card that you have applied for, make sure to do some research. It’s a good idea to check your credit report for possible errors that might have caused a problem. Also be sure to know the perks of the card that you are applying for, so you can point out why do want the card especially if you also have other multiple cards with the same issuer. It’s not a good idea to just say “I want that big bonus, but don’t really care about the card.”

One of the most common reasons for being declined is that you might have reached the credit limit that a bank is willing to give you. In that case, you should be prepared to ask them to move credit around and it’s important to know the credit limits you have for each card and which cards you would need to have a higher limit than others.

Remember to be always be polite when calling. It might not improve your odds by much, but it will surely not make them worse. Phone reps have to deal will rude people all day long, so some kind words could go a long way.

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  2. Apart from reconsideration can I use these numbers to start the application over the phone. I think this works for me as I have moved to the US recently with a short credit history. The Amex representative used my relationship/status from my home country to quickly approve my card when I was at a score of 600 only

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