‘Spread’, A Cheaper Option to Traditional Meal Delivery Apps (Available in NYC for Now)

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‘Spread’, A Cheaper Option to Traditional Meal Delivery Apps

A new platform called Spread is aiming to offer a more affordable option for restaurants to reach customers. Right now Grubhub, Uber Eats and other similar third-party apps are the best option for companies, but they have high commission fees. In fact a recent lawsuit accuses these companies of charging excessive fees and forcing restaurants to raise prices even for dining in.

Spread on the other had, connects restaurants with local customers who sign up to receive promotional details via text and email. Rather than advertising a special promotion through social media, restaurant owners can text promo codes and weekly specials directly to customers. Customers then go to the restaurant’s website instead of a third-party delivery service to place an order. Restaurants can pay flat fees based on how many customers view the promotion or actually end up ordering food. The fee that Spread charges is around $2 per click or order. Third-party apps can charge anywhere from 15 to 35 percent of each sale in commissions, and they also have higher prices.

Spread is only operating in most of Manhattan and some parts of Brooklyn and Queens for now. It lists several establishments on its site such as, Alidoro, Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen, Bite, Cocina del Sur, Ruby’s, Joe’s Pizza, Junzi Kitchen, Pokeworks, Blank Slate, Oaxaca Taqueria, Two Boots, and Sarge’s Deli. I just signed up myself, but haven’t received any promotional offers yet.

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