Shell Fuel Rewards: Save 15¢/gal For Every $100 Spending, Stack With Supermarket Gas Rewards For Free Gas

Shell Fuel Rewards program has a promotion that can get you extra savings at the pump. You can stack your Fuel Rewards savings with Gas Rewards points that you earn from Stop & Shop for some cheap or free gas. You can earn an additional 15¢/gal for every $100 you spend with a linked Mastercard at participating grocery stores, on top of the savings you’ll already earn in the Stop & Shop Card program.

Shell Fuel Rewards

How It Works

  • Join the Fuel Rewards program or log in to your account.
  • Link a Mastercard credit, debit or prepaid card to your Fuel Rewards account.
  • Use your linked Mastercard when shopping at Stop & Shop.
  • Select “credit” as the payment type when checking out.
  • Earn an additional 15¢/gal in Fuel Rewards savings for every $100 you spend in accumulated purchases.

Offer Terms

  • This offer is available till 3/31/2018.
  • You must be a Fuel Rewards member.
  • Must have a valid Mastercard credit, debit, and/or prepaid card issued by a U.S. financial institution that is registered and linked to your Fuel Rewards® account
  • You can register and link up to 5 Mastercard cards to your Fuel Rewards® account.
  • Must pay for your qualified purchases at participating grocery stores with your Linked Mastercard
  • You can earn up to a maximum of $125/gal in savings for the Mastercard 15¢ Grocer Bonus.
  • Fuel Rewards® savings earned through the Offer will post to your Fuel Rewards® account approximately 5–7 business days after you reach $100 in accumulated qualified spend.
  • Fuel Rewards® savings can be used on fill-ups up to 20 gallons.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a nice offer on its own. But what makes it much better is the fact that it can be stacked with Stop & Shop’s Gas Rewards program and also other supermarket chains such as Giant, Hy-Vee and others. Stop & Shop often has promotions on gift cards, such as this one where you can earn 10x on Best Buy gift cards for example. If you use a linked Mastercard for those purchases you would earn 10X Fuel Points plus 15c/gallons for every $100. It will most likely result in almost free gas for many.

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