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  1. Summary of steps:

    1. Join the American consumer council here for free with the promo code consumer.

    2. Apply online https://servicecu.org/pays-2-know-referred/ and enter in your American Consumer Council membership code emailed to you. When you add Everyday checking to your account selection it will ask if a friend referred you. Click yes and enter a referral code. Much appreciated if you use mine: P2K0423805381

    3. Mine did not auto-approve, went pending and I got an email requesting 2 forms of ID and address verification. Got this sent in and approved a few days later.

    4. My bonus posted immediately after I deposited a $500 check to myself. Submit the form here https://servicecu.org/pays2know/ to get your own referral code.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Referral code: P2K0416948188

    Make sure you apply for this deal as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Follow the steps below to earn your $100 sign up bonus:

    1. Sign up for the American Consumer Council if you haven’t already. Use promo code consumer to make it free.

    2. Check your email to download your certificate and upload it on your SCU application along with your photo ID, second form of ID and proof of address. A lease agreement also counts for this even though it is not on their list of accepted documents.

    3. Apply for an Everyday or Dividend checking account, plus a required Primary savings account (5% APY up to $500), and, if you want, a Holiday savings account (3% APY up to $3,000). On the pop up you get after selecting the free Everyday account, enter the following referral code: P2K0416948188

    4. If you receive an email a day or two after applying asking for documents, send whatever they ask for by attaching them as a direct reply to the email, or uploading them to the portal.

    5. You will receive a reply that your documents have been received, and another reply when you have been accepted to the credit union, along with an attached pdf document containing your member and account number.

    6. Set up a $500 direct deposit from the bank of your choice (I used Sofi Money), or make a $500 mobile check deposit to trigger the $100 bonus.

    7. Your $100 bonus should post the same or next day as your $500 deposit, and your credit card funding, if any, should post to your account within a few days of opening. Btw, Citi counts as a purchase, and Chase counts as a cash advance.

    Thank you for reading, and good luck on earning your bonus!

  3. My referral code code is P2K0417781874

    I would recommend joining the ACC first as they may require you to send the certificate (which you should receive immediately by email) to prove your membership. I was already an ACC member from years ago.

    I recommend signing up for the required savings (for 5% on up to $500), the Everyday checking (for the $100 bonus) and the Holiday savings (for 3% on up to $3000).

    You enter the referral code when you add the Everyday checking to the application.

    They don’t appear to be Chex sensitive as I was approved with a lot of Chex inquiries and haven’t seen many people mention getting denied for the accounts.

    You may need to check your emails a few times as they request several things from you (nothing too unreasonable).

    I made a $500+ transfer from All America bank and that triggered the bonus so any $500+ ACH transfer appears to qualify for the bonus.

    I used a Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa credit card to fund the accounts. It counted as a purchase but did not count as an “online purchase” for the extra CB.

    Here is my referral code again (in case you missed it): P2K0417781874

    Thanks for anyone that uses it to sign up. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. My referral code: P2K0417023935

    Membership in American Consumer Council is free with promo code “consumer”.

    When opening Everyday Checking, they will ask you whether friend referred your through Pays 2 Know Program? Say yes and enter referral code P2K0417023935

    Mobile check deposit >$500 triggers bonus.

    Few additional notes:

    1. Citi Double Cash funding posted as purchase.

    2. The page where you apply has a “Check Status” option. You can upload additional documents there (they asked for ID, utility/insurance bill to confirm address, and ACC certificate).

    3. Once approved, you need a “PIN” to sign up for online access. This is the last 4 digits of your SSN.

    4. They also have a Holiday Club Savings account, that pays 3% interest on up to $3k.

    Reply to this comment and I’ll answer any questions. Thanks!!!

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