Up to 40% Back at Restaurants with Seated App, Plus $20 Bonus (Select Cities)

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Up to 40% Back at Restaurants with Seated App, Plus $20 Bonus

With the Seated App, you get a percentage of your bar or restaurant bill back in the form of rewards, usually anywhere from 20-40%. You can redeem those rewards for several gift card options such as Uber, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Airbnb. The app is available only in Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta and Chicago for now. You can read more here. Besides a $15 signup bonus (with code ENI1) and the ongoing percentages that you earn each time you dine, they also have many promotions for extra earnings that end up getting you back more than half the price of your dinner. It can even stack with cash back or points from other apps, since with Seated you just take a picture of the bill and upload it to the app.

They have one of those promotions now. If you dine 3 times within 30 days you will get an extra $20 in rewards. If you are having a cheaper meal, or just a few drinks at one of the eligible bars and restaurants, the promo codes are much more valuable. The code for this promotion is 3XIN30DAYS, but it should be already added to your account. It works for new and existing accounts.

Let me know if you have used this app. It is really a tremendous value for those that can use it. I doubt they can keep giving out these types or rewards, so enjoy it while you can. I have redeemed over $400 in rewards so far, mostly for Amazon gift cards, and some Uber gift cards.


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