Best From The Rest; Easy Marriott Points, Maximizing Amex Offer, Messed Up Mileage Run, CC Questions Answered And More

Here’s a weekly round up of posts for Week 36 of 2017. Usually every Thursday or Friday I put together a collection of news, deals and other stuff that caught my attention in the last few days. I either don’t have the expertise, or was too lazy to write about them. Or maybe they’re just fun reads and not really travel/credit cards/deals related. I’ll add more posts to it during the day if I find anything else that I think will interest you, so check back.



  • Maximizing the 2017 AmEx Offer by WellesleyWinePress – Some creative stacking which can take discounts beyond 40% off, plus there’s a better selection of wines compared to Martha Stewart Wines.






  •  Can a credit card survive water, dryers and…sriracha sauce? We tested cards to find out. by – All your credit card questions are finally answered.

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