Earn Up To 45K Marriott Rewards Annually Through Social Media With #RewardsPoints

Marriott Rewards is making to its #MRPoints program. The program used to be an easy way to get some additional Marriott Rewards points just for engaging with them on Twitter and Instagram, but it is now getting much more rewarding, with the possibility of earn up to 45K a year, up from about 2-3K.

Marriott #RewardsPoints Social media

#MRPoints Is Now #RewardsPoints

The program, powered by Chirpify is integrated directly with Marriott Rewards’ member database, allowing the program to recognize and reward members the moment they post on Instagram or Twitter in relations with a current campaign.

The big change enabling Marriott Rewards members to earn up to 45,000 points a year just for engaging on social media.

  1. The program is changing its name to #RewardsPoints
  2. Increased annual earning potential from 2,500 points to 45,000 points!!
  3. Members can earn 750 points for connecting their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to their Marriott Rewards account
  4. Members can earn 250 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram
  5. Now launching 3-4 new campaigns each month

Marriott’s #RewardsPoints website

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The possibility to earn as much as 45K Marriott Rewards points every year, just through social media sounds great. But I don’t think they will be giving out points that easily. We’ll have to see what types of campaigns they run.

You should also be aware that you give them some control over your social media accounts while doing this. They actually require you to give them permission to post or delete post on your accounts although they say they never will.

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