NYC Target Changes REDbird Rules, Staff Not Sure What They Are

I have been covering the REDcard, also known as REDbird, frequently lately. Today I have more problems to report, this time from Queens, NY. We already knew about one of the most problematic Targets around, the one on Atlantic Terminal. But the Target on Queens Blvd. in Elmhurst seems to be the latest location to make policy changes regarding the REDcard.

target queens blvd

I have visited this location a few times, the latest being on February 28th, and I never had any issues. I went there again last night, March 2nd, and they definitely had a talk with their employees about the REDcard, but what was said to them remains a mystery. I got a different version from every cashier/CSR I talked to.

First I went to customer service. They have some nice girls working there that are very friendly and helpful. None of the girls that I usually chat with were present. There was a CSR that had helped me out in the past however. When I showed her my REDcard she immediately said that I am only allowed one transaction per day. I asked her if she was sure and she immediately conflicted herself trying to over explain, and said that you are allowed $1000 per transaction, two transactions per day, but it has to be on the same debit card. She said it’s hard coded in the system. I loaded $1000 with an AMEX GC.

Then I went to a cashier. I tried to load with a credit card and he said that credit cards are not allowed anymore. I went to another cashier on the second floor. He told me I was allowed only one transaction per day. I loaded $500 with a OneVanilla Prepaid GC. Apparently the “two transaction on the same debit card only” restriction was not hard coded, as I thought.

My friend Tim came along for the trip. He also tried two cashiers, one upstairs and one downstairs. The first one never mentioned any restrictions and Tim was able to load with a CC and the second cashier told him that all REDcard loads have to be done at Customer Service since March 1st.

We obviously overdid it a bit, but I wanted to look more into their new rules. It all started on March 1st. Some employees were aware of them and some weren’t. The ones that were aware of new rules, had different versions of what the rules were. There was nothing hard coded on the system as expected so this is just a local managerial decision. Staff was much more aware of what a REDcard was and they seemed to be almost suspicious as soon as I took my card out.

This location has gotten much tougher overnight and personally I will stay away and make my life easier at other Targets.

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10 thoughts on “NYC Target Changes REDbird Rules, Staff Not Sure What They Are

    • I’ve been traveling for work in LI recently so I have been going to Targets in Nassau and Suffolk counties. I’ll report any experiences with NYC Targets when I visit them

  1. It surely is YMMV. Even within the same location. In the past I had different result in different floors at the Queens Place Target. I would get declined on the first floor and then cashiers on the second floor would load my Redbird without a problem.

    Last few times in March I have loaded out in Nassau and Suffolk since I was traveling for work. It is much easier out there.

  2. Have you tried the Flushing Target yet? I’m wondering if they know whether or not they are less strict or not.

  3. Visited the location again. They had a folder with instructions, with the memo that I have previously mentioned, at the CS desk. No CC and GC loads. Strictly cash and bank issued debit cards.

    Not hard coded in the system though, since all this happened after the CRS had already loaded a $200 Visa GC to my Redbird.

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