Rakuten Shopping, Earn 20% Back in Points Sitewide

Rakuten has a Cyber Monday promotion, offering 20% back in points sitewide. This Rakuten Super Points promotion will begin on 12/02/19 at 12:00AM PT and ends on 12/02/19 at 11:59PM PT. 20% Back is awarded in the form of Rakuten Super Points. This promotion requires customers to establish a Rakuten.com/shop account or signed into their Rakuten.com/shop account and complete the checkout process by 11:59PM PT on 12/02/19. Certain products have additional Rakuten Super Points due to the merchant’s Campaign. Rakuten Super Points are viewable at checkout.


You earn Rakuten points on gift card purchases as well. And the points earned can be used on anything within a year.

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Offer Terms

  • All Rakuten Super Points® earned during this promotion will be available once the order has shipped and will expire 1 year (365 days) thereafter.
  • For exact Rakuten Super Points® expiration dates, please check your Rakuten.com/shop Account.
  • Rakuten.com/shop will allow customers a maximum amount back of 50,000 Rakuten Super Points® during this promotion per customer, per household; Rakuten.com/shop reserves the right to void Rakuten Super Points® or Cancel orders that do not follow these regulations.
  • Bulk purchases made by resellers do not qualify. Rakuten Super Points® are not cash or currency and cannot be transferred, credited to an account, redeemed for cash, or used for gift card purchases or redemptions.
  • Rakuten Super Points® may be earned on the amount of your order, excluding taxes, shipping and any coupons.

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