Pure Health Weightloss Settlement, Rebates Up To $48

The FTC settled a lawsuit that alleged that Genesis Today, Pure Health, and Lindsey Duncan made false claims about the weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract. The product was promoted on popular TV shows such as The Dr. Oz Show, The View, and others. Under the terms of the settlement, the defendants agreed to pay money, which the FTC is using to refund people who bought the product.

Pure Health Settlement.jpeg

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 191,748 refund checks totaling $9,190,842.68 to consumers who bought Pure Health or Genesis Today green coffee bean extract weight-loss supplements. Consumers who purchased the products online will receive a full refund, with the average check totaling $47.93.

If you bought the supplements in a retail store such as Walmart, you may still apply for a refund online, or print and mail this PDF form. You might receive only a partial refund.

It’s not clear what the payout will be without proof of purchase, but most likely will depends on number of claims.

Settlement Details

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