Plastiq, New Business Accounts Can Earn $5,000 in Fee-Free Payments

Plastiq has a new promotion for business accounts.

  • Sign up for Plastiq with a new Business and make $15,000 worth of payments using Plastiq by December 31st, to earnĀ 5,000 fee-free dollars. You must be a registered business and have a business card.

Sign Up for Plastiq (my referral)

plastiq business bonus

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Not the best promotion I have seen from Plastiq, but could be worth it if you are looking to make large payment with your business cards. With Plastiq you can use a credit card to pay bills that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a 2.5% fee on the amount that you charge. So this is not ideal. But you earn 5,000 Fee-Free Dollars, so that lowers the fee.

You can make total payments of $20,000 and pay $375 in fees. That’s 1.875%.

They also have promotions from time to time which lower the fee or give you more Fee-Free Dollars like this one. If you did that promotions, don;t forget to use up your Fee-Free Dollars by the end of the month.

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