Plastiq and Amex, New Eligible Categories Added

Plastiq and Amex, New Eligible Categories Added

Plastiq is an easy way to increase your credit card spending, by letting pay certain bills that wouldn’t otherwise be payable with a card. It charges your card, then it sends a check or ACH payment. But you also have to pay a fee for the convenience, and some issuers limit what bill you can pay with Plastiq. Now Amex cardholders have some new options, which were announced in an email to customers.

Here’s what the email says:

Plastiq users have always been able to pay for certain bills with an American Express card. But now, you can now use it even more for expenses like:  

  • Professional and business services
  • Construction
  • Wholesale inventory

Make sure to check out the full list for specifics on what you can pay for with AMEX and Plastiq. If you have an American Express card, these new options should help you keep more cash on hand and better manage your finances. But it also looks like some categories might have been removed.

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