Plastiq Accept, Sign Up Your Business and Get Up to $100/Month Credit

Plastiq Accept, Sign Up Your Business and Get Up to $100/Month Credit

Plastiq Accept is a new, all-in-one payment acceptance solution for businesses who have stayed away from traditional card acceptance. The best part about Plastiq Accept is that it is free for businesses to use. There is no expense for the business to start accepting credit cards. Customers pay Plastiq a fee for the convenience of using their credit cards. Businesses receive the money typically within a business day or two.

  • No cost for business to accept credit cards
  • Track all payments from one place
  • Customize and manage invoices
  • Let customers pay how they choose

If you have a business and want to accept credit card payments, go to and create an account and you can accept payments today. If you want to make payments using a credit card, then you can sign up here.

Plastiq charges a 2.85% fee to customers paying with card, but it is free now, later, and always for businesses to accept payments through Plastiq.

Up to $100/Month Credit

If you sign up a business for Plastiq Accept in July, you get up to $100/month when customer submits a payment.

Between now and the end of 2020, when a customer pays you for the first time through Plastiq Accept, you get a $5 credit, up to $100/month. You can use the money when you make your own payments using Plastiq, or give it back to your customers to reduce their fees. It’s entirely up to you.

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