Plastiq No Longer Allows PayPal Key Payments with Credit Card

Plastiq PayPal Key payments

Plastiq No Longer Allows PayPal Key Payments with Credit Card

PayPal Key has been a popular tool for using credit cards where you normally would only be able to use debit card. It is also useful to get around limitations for Amex cards for example, when they are not accepted at certain site. PayPal Key produces a virtual Mastercard debit card number. But recently we have seen some issues with suing PayPal Key. The latest is Plastiq. The popular bill payment service has notified users that it will no longer accept credit card payment through PayPal Key.

Here’s the email from Plastiq:

PayPal has notified us they will no longer be allowing PayPal Key debit card payments through Plastiq when your PayPal wallet is linked to a credit card. Here are a few options so you can still make your payments successfully. As of now, PayPal continues to allow Plastiq payments from a PayPal Key debit card with wallets linked to another debit card, bank account, or existing PayPal balance. Please make sure you adjust any scheduled payments. Of course Plastiq also offers numerous other ways to make your payments outside of PayPal Key. You can pay with any major credit1 or debit card, or use our new cash payment feature. Log in here and add a new payment method.

Thanks for choosing Plastiq as your one-stop payment platform. We’re excited to continue helping you pay your way by releasing new features and improvements you’ve asked for.

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