Pay Utilities With Your Mastercard With No Fee

You’ve probably heard of Plastiq by now and their bill pay option for a fee 1.99% for Mastercard and Amex. This is a decent limited time offer and cheaper than other services out there, if you’re looking to use your credit card or Amex gift cards to pay for your mortgage, services etc.


But now Plastiq is offering something better, a 0% fee promotion. There is no fee to pay your utilities with a MasterCard when you schedule 6 or more recurring payments up front. So you can pay your gas, electric, waste (garbage/sewage) with no credit card processing fees. You have to make sure to set up at least 6 recurring payments and make those 6 payments to receive the 0% fee promotion.

The promotion is already applied to your Plastiq account if you signed up for the 1.99% promotion through one of the referral links. If you registered before they started the promo then you can email them to have the offer added. You can do a search for Plastiq referral and support your favorite blog by using their referral.

This is a good opportunity to earn some points and miles with no fee at all. You can set up as many recurring payments as you want, up to year 2030, but I’m not sure if they’ll let you go 15 years without paying any fees.

You should only use Plastiq for utility bills if your utility company doesn’t let you use a credit card directly on their website.

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