Use Brex Card on Plastiq with 2.35% Fee or 2% for New Users

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Use Brex Card on Plastiq with 2.35% Fee or 2% for New Users

The Brex business card has been a popular product since it launched with a big bonus and more additional opportunities to earn extra points. Those offers are no longer available. Now the best you can is just $250 through referrals. If you already have the card, or plan to get it, you can also take advantage of lower fees on Plastiq.

You can pay for things like inventory, advertising, shipping, rent and everything else that Mastercard supports. All Brex cardholders can benefit from a discounted 2.35% Plastiq fee. Normally the fee for credit card payments on Plastiq is 2.85%. Additionally, new Plastiq customers will receive a special intro rate of 2% on their first $200K in spend through 5/31.

Paying less in fees is always a good thing. But even with the reduced fee, it probably doesn’t make sense for most businesses to use Brex for payment through Plastiq, unless there is some kind of spending promotion, or if they need to pay bills that they can’t put on a credit card otherwise. Plastiq transactions will likely earn only 1X in Brex rewards.

You can see the offer here.

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