OneVanilla Activation Problems, Card Only Shows $250 Balance

(Update 8/25/16): Another Activation Gone Wrong at CVS

I bought some more OneVanilla Visa gift cards at CVS and and there’s another similar issue. As usual I told cashier I want to put $500 on the card, paid for it and left. When I check the balance on the card it only shows $250. Again everything matches, receipt, packaging and card numbers.


This looks like a slightly different problem form a card not being properly activated. I called OneVanilla and they said that they can’t do anything on their end since it just shows that it was loaded with $250. Rep actually said “go to CVS, they have the rest of your money”.

I’ve rarely had any issues before with gift cards. Even when I did, it’s usually been a mistake on my part or an error on the cashier’s part, which has been easily fixed. And it usually made sense.

Here’s an issue I encountered today with a OneVanilla Visa gift card that I purchased two days ago. I purchased one variable load card at CVS, putting $500 in it, for a total of $504.95 after fees. As usual, I checked the package to make sure it matched the numbers on the receipt. It did. I then tried to use the OneVanilla gift card an hour later, and it was declined. I went to, entered the card info and it said “Details could not be found using the card number entered. Please try again”.


The receipt says that “prepaid card activation will occur within 24 hours”, although it’s usually right away. I checked again after 24 hours and I still got the same message. I checked the gift card number with the number on the package, and it matches. As I mentioned before, the package number also matches the receipt, so this wasn’t a case of the wrong gift card being issued, while another was activated. Nor was the card swapped from inside the package. I had never encountered this before, and from a quick search I don’t see it mentioned previously anywhere.

Gift Card and Package.jpg

Gift Card and Packaging match

Receipt and Package

Packaging and Receipt match

I called the number on the OneVanilla card and after reaching a customer service rep, I was told that the card “wasn’t activated properly”. I asked what that means, and she explained a bit more but saying the same thing, that the activation didn’t go through properly on the register. I have to email them a picture of the Front of the gift card, Copy of my ID, and a copy of my receipt. Rep said that it should be taken care of within 3 days. Looks like it will be solved but if it gets any more interesting, i’ll keep you updated.

This doesn’t look like a case of fraud, but more like a malfunction. Either way, it’s another reminder to always save your receipts until you have completely drained the funds from a gift card.

Update: Card Activated

Everything was resolved very quickly. Today, just one day after contacting customer service about my problem, I received an email informing me that the “card is now activated and should be available for use”. I checked online and indeed the card is now showing a $500 balance.

OneVanilla activation.jpeg

Great customer service.

Here’s some info in case you have similar problems with OneVanilla card:

  • Check balance at
  • OneVanilla contact number: 1-877-770-6408
  • Activation Issue Fax Number: 1-855-877-3563
  • Activation Issue Email Address:

9 thoughts on “OneVanilla Activation Problems, Card Only Shows $250 Balance

  1. So the motivation behind why even utilize an onevanilla prepaid gift voucher?

    Well for one, security, a lot of individuals don’t care for shopping web based utilizing the credit/plastic of theirs on the grounds that no one can tell where your card subtleties may wind up there is been innumerable ghastliness accounts of individuals cards subtleties being taken while shopping on the web then the card subtleties offered on the profound web to god knows who.

    At that point you’ve the point that utilizing onevanilla prepaid cards help you to set aside a great deal of cash as you can’t over spend as the cards are loaded up with a particular amount of assets where you can Check OneVanilla Card Balance – One Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance before spending what you need.

  2. This happened to me last year, after you submit your info, give them a call. Normally it takes less than a day. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have had 100% good experience buying at CVS and WAG, all my vanillas have been properly activated so that I didn’t even check balance on them when I bought MOs at the grocery store. The only inconvinience I encountered were vanillas bought from OD/OM where it took over an hour to get activated before I could use them; overall, I was able to drain them all at the grocery store. They all went through without issues. I know there’s always a first time but I know now the steps I’ll take if it happens to me.

    Danny, you’re one of the bloggers I follow now. Keep up the great articles!

  4. My experience with One Vanilla has been horrible. I had to both file a dispute with them and also a complaint with the BBB before getting my funds back. I will never buy one of their cards again!

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