Kmart Billpay, Another Option For Only $1.50

Walmart BillPay is widely known, but Kmart has a very similar service. Like in Walmart, you can pay with a PIN based debit card – it’s explicitly advertised on the Kmart website. They also clearly state that you can pay credit card bills. The cost for the BillPay is “$1.50 or less”, which basically mean that you will get charged $1.50. Payments will be delivered the next business day, with no extra charge.


The BillPay provder at Kmart is CheckFreePay, same as Walmart so that is why both services are very similar. You can not pay your AMEX cards. Also when paying your cards, instruct them to just look for VISA or MasterCard, without entering the specific bank providers. There’s a number of cards that will not show up if you search by bank name, and the CSR will unknowingly tell you that you can not pay that card at Kmart.

I have tried paying with OneVanilla and $200 Visa and Mastercard and all went through without any problems. I have tried paying Chase Sapphire, Chase Ink, Wells Fargo and Capital One Spark so far. You can not split payment though, like at Walmart, which is a downside. You can not buy money orders either, using a debit card, so that’s another negative.


However I have a Kmart close by, so I do stop there often. There’s never a line at CS, so I’m usually in and out withing a few minutes. So those are the only positives that I see for using Kmart over Walmart.

Let us know if you’ve used Kmart BillPay and tell us about your experience.

12 thoughts on “Kmart Billpay, Another Option For Only $1.50

  1. Continuing Danny’s 10 July 2016 reply, one DP to report. Went to Kmart by St Marks in Manhattan to pay my Club Carlson credit card bill with a visa gift card a few days ago. Payment was credited in my account two days later.

  2. Danny, you are in NYC, right? If yes, which Kmart do you use and do you have any recent updates? Thanks.

    • Yes. I’ve been to the one by st marks in Manhattan and alsothe one close to valley stream sometimes. Never really had any issues. I think it’s been a month since I’ve been at the one on the city.

      • Thanks, Danny, Regarding Chase, have you encountered any problem from them when you pay your credit card bill at Kmart? What amount do you pay each time? On, someone has read about shutdowns on FT.

        Have you also tried split payment at Kmart recently?

        It is interesting that you go to the Kmart at Valley Stream. Is it near the Walmart at Valley Stream? If yes, have you bought MOs or loaded Gobank there? I have been there sometimes and find it very busy.

        Thanks and cheers.

        • Never tried split payments. Asked once and they said they couldn’t do it after attempting a few times. I pay 498.50 each payment ( plus $1.50 fee is 500). I think it’s about 10 min drive away from that Wal-Mart. I used to go there for Kate but haven’t tried MOs there. They are always busy. And used to go across the street to target as well for Redbird. Good old days.

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  5. Danny- Can i combine visa gift cards in a single transaction to make the credit card payment? or do i need to do one single gift card at a time?

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