Bonvoy Fee for Awards, Hilton Hotels Won’t Take Amex, IRS 1099-K Form and More

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Read about Sheraton charging “Bonvoy Rewards Service Fee” for points redemptions, Hilton Hotels not accepting Amex cards, about that 1099-K from Paypal, Amex retention offers, and United pilot academy.

Sheraton Hotel Charged “Bonvoy Rewards Service Fee” When Members Redeemed Points

The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino has been adding two separate fees onto award redemptions, “A destination fee equal to 18 percent of the daily rate or USD 30 per day on Bonvoy redemption stays” – so to make sure that the resort fee isn’t included for guests spending points they add a fixed amount, even though for everyone else it’s charged as a percentage of the room rate. Plus a “Marriott Bonvoy Rewards Service Fee”. Not unexpected, as Marriott has been sued over similar fees, and the recently started charging “sustainability fees” at some properties.

Hilton Hotels Won’t Take American Express?

Some properties do not accept American Express credit cards, even though Hilton Honors cards are actually issued by American Express.

About That 1099-K From Paypal

There’s been a lot of discussion about the new 2022 federal rule strengthening the requirement for payment processors to issue a form 1099-K. The new rule lowering the threshold to $600+ goes into effect for year 2022, meaning that you’ll have to worry about it early next year when you file 2022 taxes. Check out the article for some extra information on what could be reported by these payment processors.

My Latest Amex Retention Offer Was Straight Money In The Bank!

Retention offers can be like a mini, or sometimes large, welcome offer on a card you already have and want to keep anyway. Or, they can be a reason to keep a card you would have otherwise closed, because the value they offer is just too much to pass up.

United launches pilot academy to address staffing shortage

United Airlines has launched a program to train the next generation of pilots, including promoting other workers to fill vacancies. CEO Scott Kirby says this is their effort to combat the persistent staffing shortage on the flight deck, which has forced route reductions.

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