Marriott Hotel Category Changes For 2020… It’s Bad News

A total of 2,185 Marriott properties are changing categories. That makes up about 30% of the total hotel portfolio. 7% of Marriott hotels are decreasing in price and 23% of Marriott hotels are increasing in price.


Roundup: Amex Catches Up to Visa/MC, Delta Ditches Toxic Uniforms, Marriott Elite Nights For Meetings, Man with Gas Mask Delays Flight, Airbus $4B Settlement

You Can Now Use Your AmEx At As Many Places as Visa, Mastercard // Delta will ditch the uniforms many employees call ‘toxic’ // Marriott’s Elimination Of Annual Elite Nights For Meetings Is Retroactive // Man wearing gas mask panics passengers on Texas flight // Airbus to Pay Record $4 Billion to End Global Bribery Probe

Marriott Gets $123M Fine for Data Breach

UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced on Tuesday that it intends to fine hotel giant Marriott International £99 million (about $123 million) for a data breach that exposed the sensitive data of 339 million guests. If you have yet to do so, you can check if you were affected. The news comes at the same time as…

Attorney General Sues Marriott Over Hidden Fees

Hotel chain Marriott has been sued by the District of Columbia on Tuesday over allegedly deceptive pricing practices. The chain added on hidden fees to hotel bills. The complaint says that Marriott has failed for a decade or more to disclose certain fees when it advertises prices for hotel rooms. These hidden fees sometimes add…