AA $160K Gift Card Scam, Visiting Istanbul, Amex Offers by Drop, ABCmouse Settlement & Samsung Credit Card

News Roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news that I have come across during the day. Here you can read about an American Airlines $160K scam, renting out an entire hotel in Istanbul, some new Amex Offers are now powered by Drop, ABCmouse settles for $10M, and Samsung launches its own credit card.

American Airlines $160K Gift Card & Ticketing Scam

American Airlines had a system vulnerability that allowed you to buy a gift card that you used to purchase an airline ticket, and then refund the gift card purchase back to the credit card while using the airline ticket. Mr. William Joseph “Billy” Schwarze implied to his friends & family that he was running an elite travel agency who purchased tickets from Mr. Schwarze. He bought tickets worth more than $160K using this fraudulent method.

I Rented Out The Entire Hotel For The Cost Of One Room

Turkey has been open to international travelers for a while. However, this doesn’t mean everyone is flocking to visit. In fact, tourism still isn’t great. As the largest city in Turkey by a long shot, Istanbul has many international chain hotel options. Istanbul boasts a Park Hyatt, a Grand Hyatt, and an Unbound Collection property, plues a few Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties.

Some AmEx Offers Now Powered By Drop

If you’ve checked your AmEx offers lately you may have noticed that some offers are a percentage back with a cap (e.g get 6% back on up to $60 in purchases). With these offers you also need to use a specific link (joindrop.com/amex/[merchant name]). For those not familiar Drop is a card linked app that offers cash back at specific merchants.

ABCmouse to Pay $10 Million to Settle FTC Charges of Illegal Marketing and Billing Practices

Online children’s education company Age of Learning, Inc., which operates ABCmouse, will pay $10 million and change its negative option marketing and billing practices to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it made misrepresentations about cancellations and failed to disclose important information to consumers, leading tens of thousands of people to be renewed and charged for memberships without proper consent.

It Looks Like Samsung Now Has Their Own Credit Card

Back in 2019, Apple launched the Apple Card which is a credit card. Now it looks like Samsung wants in on the action too because over in South Korea, Samsung has officially launched the Samsung Pay Card in partnership with Mastercard. This is aimed at helping Samsung Pay users make payment in a more traditional form at places that might not otherwise accept mobile payments.


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