New Amex Platinum Benefits Are Now Available, Along With $550 Fee And New Bonus

As previously announced, the American Express Platinum cards would receive new benefits starting March 30th. The annual fee would also increase to $550. Now they’re here.

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The higher annual fee is obviously nothing exciting. It has been increased across teh board for all of their Platinum flavors. There’s also an increased public bonus of 60,000 MR Points that won’t entice many seasoned churners. But it is good news for some who already have the card, since they can take advantage of the benefits, while still paying the old lower annual fee of $450.

New Offer 

Today, with the increased annual fee, also comes the increased sign up bonus. You’ll earn 60,000 points when you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases in their first 3 months.

Although this is higher than the older public bonus of 40,000, it is still a bad deal. Not only because we’ve seen bonuses as high as 100K and targeted bonuses as high as $150K in the past, but you can only receive these bonuses once per lifetime.

Currently you might still be able to get a 75K offer through incognito or VPN.

Get Your March Uber Credit

One of the new benefits for the Platinum cards is the Uber credit. Each month, you’ll receive $15 in Uber credit for U.S. rides on your Uber account (plus a $20 bonus in December). You’ll also be automatically enrolled in Uber VIP status, where available.

This is calculated in calendar months, so you have only two days to use up your March credits.

These credits can also be used for UberEATS if you don’t really need any Uber rides.

Get Your Metal Card

One of the things that’s being paid with that extra $100 in annual fee is the metal for the new cards. But the metal card is available for existing cardmembers also. Amex will send you the new metal card when you current card is expiring, but why wait till then to look cool.

You can call or just chat online through your account to request the new card. I chose the latter and a very helpful customer service rep said right away “Sure, let me send a metal card for you”. I answered one security questions and the card was on its way.

Add Free Additional Gold Cards

Another benefit is the free additional Gold Cards. These cards don’t come with any exciting benefits but you can add a few Amex cards to your arsenal for free, which can be great for Amex Offers. Previously you had to pay to add additional users.

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