M&T Bank, $200 Checking Bonus

M&T Bank is offering a $200 bonus when you open a personal checking account. M&T Bank usually have a $150 offer that comes around every few months, but they never had a $200 bonus before. This increased bonus has the same requirements. In order to receive the bonus you need to make a direct deposit of at least $100 within 90 days of account opening by September 23, 2016.

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There’s no link to the bonus itself, but you can use promo code QF when you sign up. To open the account online, simply visit the M&T Bank website, pick your account and make sure to enter promo code QF. You can also call or visit a branch if you have a coupon.

EZChoice Checking is the best option. You can avoid the $6.95 monthly fee just by making one transaction such as a deposit, withdrawal, or debit purchase every month. Basic Checking is also an option, with a non waivable $3 monthly fee.

The fine print says that the $200 bonus will be deposited within 90 days, but my bonus (it was $150) deposited on the same day as my $100 “direct deposit” from Capital One 360. Opened account on 1/8 and had bonus in my account by 1/14.

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Bonus is reportable for tax purposes. Only one bonus will be rewarded regardless of the number of accounts, titling on account and the number of direct deposit arrangements established.

Another good thing about this bonus is that it’s churnable.

I believe you were previously able to close the account via secure message online, but now you have to go in-branch or mail in a letter. Additionally, there’s a $4.00 mail closing fee and a $10.00 Official Check fee to mail your remaining balance to you. To avoid the Official Check fee, you can write a check for your balance and then close account.

Offer Details

  • Apply Now
  • Account Type: EZChoice Checking
  • Availability: AZ, CT, DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA
  • Expiration Date: 9/30/2016
  • Inquiry Type: Soft Pull (Don’t select the overdraft protection)
  • Credit Card Funding: No
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Yes, $100 or more
  • Monthly Fee: $6.95, waived with one monthly transaction (deposit, withdrawal, debit purchase)
  • Promo Code: QF
  • Closing Fee: $50 if closed within 180 days


2 thoughts on “M&T Bank, $200 Checking Bonus

  1. The promo code showed in green is QF, but the promo code in offer details and in automatically entered in application is QM, which one should I use to get the bonus $200?
    How do I change to QF for the automatically entered QM. Thanks

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