Mango Closes All 6% Accounts

Mango is closing down its 6% interest accounts. There’s already been some issues recently, but the account closing are now official and remaining balances will be mailed out by check.

This account offered a 6% APY on balances up to $5,000, with a $3 monthly fee.

mango 6%

Here’s the text of the notice:

Dear Cardholder,

As previously notified, we are closing your Mango Visa card at Sunrise Banks. If you had a balance remaining on your card or savings account, you will soon receive a check for your remaining balance. This check will be mailed to you at the address-on-record

The check should arrive within 4 weeks.

Please contact us with any questions at or at 1-855-687-2036.

Thank you,
Your Mango Support Team


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