Simple Travel Hack to Get Your Luggage First at Baggage Claim

Do you hate waiting at baggage claim until your luggage comes out? Are you jealous of those people who’s suitcase comes out first from the chute? There’s two easy tricks that you can use to better your chances at being one of the first to get your luggage.

luggage travel hack

One of the hacks to ensure you’re not wasting time at baggage claim is to simply label your luggage ‘fragile’ per Daily Mail. All you need to do is ask an airline representative for a ‘fragile’ sticker when you’re checking in your luggage. The reason for this is that fragile luggage will be typically loaded into the aircraft last, and therefore, come out first.

Another way to make sure your luggage if loaded last is to just check in last. That might not always be wise since often overhead bins will fill up and you’ll have no space for your carry ons.

Do you have any other travel hacks that you’re willing to share? Let me know.

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